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    the Calendar App
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    myWeek™ allows you to manage all your events and duties
    in one and the same application.

    No need to switch from one App for Calendars to another
    App for ToDo's, to another for Logbooks, to another for Birthdays etc.

    Back in 2009 there was no weekly Overview in the original iOS Calendar
    myWeek was the first Application in the AppStore offering this,
    both in Portrait and in Landscape Mode.

    Version 3 has been completely rewritten,
    from the ground up using Apples new Swift Language v.2.x
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All you need for your weekly planing


Keep all your chores in one single Application.


All your Reminders and ToDo's in the same view as your Events.


Keep track of all your Calls, adding them to your Calendars.

Car Log

Keep track of your weekly Trips and Refueles for all your Vehicles.


Learn more about this feature packed App

Week View

7-Day Week overview.

List View

All Events in a date-sorted List.

Month View

See the entire planned Month.

Year View

The fully layed out Year.

Map View

All your Events put on the Map.


See all your Contacs Birthday with Age.


Add your ToDo's in the same Place as your Events.

Call Log

Register all your Calls for later reference.

Car Log

Keep track of all your movements.

InApp Purchase!

Remove the Limitation of the FREE Version.


Read what users are saying about myWeek

“I love myWeek, I highly recommend it, Everyone should use it!”

- Corinne Sutter

“myWeek the simple way to keep everything in one place.”

- Reto Müller

“Finally! One App for all my weekly Chores.”

- Christian Huppenkothen

“Keep it up Guys! Love your work, cheers :)”

- Adrian Soller

“I've been using it since the beginning, and love to see what you all came up with!”

- John Mc Namara


See how you may benefit from the App

Week View

List View

Day View

Month View

Year View

Map View

Birthdays View

ToDo's View

Call Log

Car Log

Fuel Log

Vehicles Park

Navigation Menu


Settings View

InApp Purchase

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Available only for iOS Devices.


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Main View

Landscape View

Top Ten View

Settings View

Information View


Following some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Week View

The Main View of the App, shows your current Week, with all the Events, Birthdays and ToDo's in it. Selecting a Day, brings you to the Day View.

In all the Views, where it makes sense, swiping to the left or the right, takes you a Week, a Day, a Month or a Year further or back in Time.

List View

A listing of all your Events for the last past 3 Months and the next 3 Months coming up. Selecting an Event brings you to it's details.

Day View

The Day View shows all the Events of the selected Day, with the All-Day-Events at the Top, if there are any. Tapping on an Event, allows you the see the Details and to modify it, in case of need.

Month View

See your complete Month at a glance. The selected Day, is shown in the Table below with some further Informations.
Each day is colored based on the amount of Events for the day.
From 'white' over 'green' to completely 'red'.

In the full Version you can tap on an Event in the Table, to get to the Details and evtl. modify it.

Year View

This View shows the complete Year divided into Months. Each day is colored based on the amount of Events for the day.
From 'white' over 'green' to completely 'red', the more time is planned for the relevant day, the more it becomes 'red'.

Tapping on a month, brings you directly to it.

Map View

All your Events, Birthdays, Reminders and ToDo's associated to a Location, are displayed within the Map.

Tapping on a Pin shows some further Informations.

Not all Locations can be evaluated correctly, due to the Database in the Background. Sometimes you will have to revise the entered Location, to get at least a Pin.

Call Log

This Module gives you the ability to register all the Calls you make during a certain Period. So you can come back to them if required at a later time.

Car Log

This Module allows to manage all your Vehicles, to add Trips and Voyages and all the refuelling you've made for your Vehicles.

Displaying some informative statistical Graphs for the various Views.


Within this View, you can decide which Calendars are displayed in the Views.
You don't have to select them all, depending on the amount of Events, the loading time for the Various Views can increase.


Within the Settings Panel you can setup a few things to change some behaviour of the App and the Data displaye within.


The App requires some permissions, to work as intended to. If you need to reset those values, just go into the Settings and change what ever you've to.

Free / In App Purchase

The FREE Version, does not allow to modify any Event and display iAD in select Countires. Buy the Standard Module to be ablte to add and modify directl from within myWeek and to get rid of the Publicity.

There are six different modules available.


For more info and support, contact us!